abeMeda Licensing Questions

I have a valid license for CDWinder, but abeMeda won’t let me use it !

For abeMeda 6 you need new licenses key files. Your earlier license keys can no longer be used. Please open the registration dialog, load or enter your existing license data, and click Request Update to obtain a new license key file from us. This will generate a pre-formatted mail with our existing license information that we can process automatically to send you your new key file as fast as possible.

How do I update to abeMeda 7 from abeMeda 6 or CDWinder ?
What are the update conditions ?

Your license is valid for all versions we release for the current generation of abeMeda (e.g., an abeMeda 6 license for all versions between abeMeda 6.0 and abeMeda 6.7). If you want use your previous-generation-license with the latest generation of abeMeda, you will need to acquire an update license. Please visit our Stores for your license pack updates, or contact us directly (see right bar) for specially tailored business licenses.
If you have any questions, please let us know.

I still haven't received my license key, what is going on?

Most likely, we cannot send you emails. Today, there are so many filters and who knows what that email is not as reliable as it once was. (especially with providers like comcast...)

So if you are waiting for a reply from us, but not getting any, it is either your email provider blocking our mails, or any filter in your mail application. (There have been a few cases where the email address was simply misspelled, please check that also). Also, make sure you can receive plain text attachments - the license key file is an extended XML file that we normally just attach to our eMail to you.

If all else fails, either send us a different email address we could use, or contact us to arrange alternative delivery (e.g. a download link where you can download your license key file).

I have only received a temporary license key?

After purchasing abeMeda, you may have been provided with a temporary abeMeda license key, so you can start using abeMeda immediately.
You will receive your own final license key in the five business days following that purchase directly from us, in a second email.
Please make sure that you did not block the "abeMeda.de" domain in your mail server, see above!

I have purchased abeMeda with PayPal, when will I get my license key?

After the successful PayPal transaction, you should see a web page telling you that we will deliver your license key by email within five business days.
If you still haven't received your key after five business days, please see above...

How do I enter my License Key into abeMeda?

If you are not yet using any abeMeda License key, you will be greeted with a Welcome window every time you launch abeMeda. In that window, just provide your new License key file. Drag the file into the dialog, directly out of your mail client. Or save it to a safe location (for future backups) and use “Load License File” to load it from there. That is all.

If you are already using a different or temporary license, please use the "Registration" command in the Help menu of abeMeda.